Bohonomad Rope Sandals was born in 2015 after a long research and development period and all the products are registered and trademarked under the Bohonomad South Africa brand,

Bohonomad name is a combination of Boho (Bohemian) and Nomad which also defines the main purpose for this very special product,

Sandals are entirely hand-made by Turkish women who are based in Turkey. These local women have been working in agricultural sector with no social benefits before they were employed by Bohonomad SA,

In 2015, Bohonomad has opened a workshop located in the Mugla district in Koycegiz, to bring social awareness and responsibility under the spotlight and improve the lives of the women working for them. By the help of them, Bohonomad has brought to it’s current position in the market,

Bohonomad Rope Sandals stand out with so many characteristics which makes them a unique product for those who are looking for the comfort, durability, health, elegance and style at the same time.

Bohonomad Characteristics:
Antibacterial (Polypropylene Yarns)
Antiperspirant & Anti-Irritatant
%100 Hand Made & Vegan
Attractive, Unique & Fashionable
Long WearingExtremely Comfortable
Shapes to Foot
Never Unfading Vivid Organic Colors
Lightweight & Ultra Flexible
Durable Rope/Rubber Sole
Salt Water, Bleach & Chlorine Resistant  Machine-Wash & Quick Dry                                                                                                                                                                                  Easy Fledge Fixing with a Lighter